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From single cells to fully assembled packs in their trays.


  • Fully Assembled

    These are the fully assembled battery packs to be used with various makes and model of UPS. They enable the fastest turn around on delivery as they require no preparation and only need to be installed in the UPS.

  • Rebuild Kits

    Cell kits that can be used to rebuild existing battery packs - a cost saving alternative to buying fully assembled battery packs.

    You will need to re-use the existing trays/wires/fuses/connectors from your old cellpack.

    It requires more time and some basic tools, for example Slotted and Posi-Drive screwdriver, tape, thin pliers, and something sturdy to disassemble the old cell pack with. The advantage is that your time and effort is rewarded with a cheaper overall price to renew the cells in your UPS.

  • Individual Cells

    Loose battery items. These are the individual raw batteries that we stock and use to build our battery packs and rebuild the cell stores in the UPS we sell.

  • EV Cells

    Cells designed with high current cyclic discharge protection in mind.

  • RA Class Cells

    RA class. Designed for high current discharge, float and cyclic applications. 12 Year design life

  • Lithium Batteries

    Long life, light weight lithium chemistry cells.

Showing 1 - 130 of 130 items
Showing 1 - 130 of 130 items