Email contact

Please click the below link to email us with your email client.
During business hours, we reply within 90 minutes.
(9AM - 5PM UK Time, Monday to Friday).


We do not offer a telephone service.
We have found that email is the best method of communication, and want to give transparency on why.

- Email promotes concise and accurate communication.
- It provides a searchable log + history.
- The above ensures consistent handling from us even if different people our side are replying.
- Telephone calls demand instant responses, when consideration and thought may be needed to give the best reply.
- Task scheduling. Some of our testing, once started, cannot be interrupted without costing 20 minutes to set up again.
- Both parties have the option to email photo / video content to explain something that is inherently complex.

We're all about efficiency, which precipitates high quality items at low prices. Email only customer service is part of that.