RBC12 Kit


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RBC12 - kit

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Includes 8x brand new cells, pre taped and banded together so they are ready for you to re-use your existing wiring parts to complete the job. This takes around 10 minutes.

We ship 8x cells (as per the pictures) in two blocks which is enough to rebuild 1x RBC12 battery pack.

We use banding when shipping to securely bind the cells together. For these trays I'd say its best to take that off before installing.

The batteries are securely stuck with 3M VHB double sided foam tapes - these bands are just for extra strength while shipping.

These batteries are common and used in the below APC UPS


SU5000rmi5u (2x RBC12 needed - total 4 blocks)
SU5000i (2x RBC12 needed - total 4 blocks)SU5000r5ibx120 (2x RBC12 needed - total 4 blocks)
SU5000r5bix135 (2x RBC12 needed - total 4 blocks)
SU5000rmxli5u (2x RBC12 needed - total 4 blocks)
SU5000rmxlt5u (2x RBC12 needed - total 4 blocks)



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RBC12 Kit

RBC12 Kit

RBC12 - kit

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