About us

We have been retailing UPS and associated hardware since Aug 2001. We have thousands of units in stock and have extended experience of working with UPS. We can guide customers to the the best option for their specific use, and all of our units are priced at a fraction of their original RRP. Unless stated otherwise, our UPS will have new cells fitted and 12 month RTB warranty with us. They will all be fully functional.

We also offer the battery packs that UPS are dependent upon.

We operate from a 500 square meter warehouse in Warrington. 

For every transaction, and every customer interaction we aim to meet the level and standard that we  would like to receive ourselves. We make extra efforts to achieve this under strenuous and frustrating circumstances. Every hour there are small things that can be done to make sure we shoulder our share of the burden in making the world better. 

Green thinking: As a seller of used goods we are an enabler of re-use. Obviously the cost saving of buying used compared to new is a major driver, but there is increasing customer focus on what the cost to the planet is. Buying used + refurbished helps people minimise the depleting effect of commercial manufacturing activity on the environment. 

Goods packed and ready for the daily courier collections.

Goods Packed waiting for the daily courier collections

4x 10KVA UPS on test. Note the cell packs are not original, but performance was identical.

UPS on a bench test. None original cell systems.

General stock area + a large 3 Phase UPS packed and ready for international haulage.

General stock area. Units prior to refurb. Large UPS Packed and awaiting international haulage.

Cell rebuild kits packed and ready to ship. Note no foam was used in the packaging, but we strengthened using cardboard camshell reinforcements. The banding is still plastic which is not ideal, but a company is starting to prototype bio-degradable strapping and we will use that when it becomes available. Update 2023 - we tried the bio-banding and found it was not strong enough yet.

Cell rebuild kit order showing double box packaging - no foam used.

This Photo is from ~2010 at an older Warehouse located in Stockport. There were problems in the winter with frozen pipes.

Older Warehouse photo

First Warehouse. Photo Circa 2003. Here the lift was tempermental.

Older Warehouse

Small Pallets of UPS ready to ship out

We have written a short piece on UPS Failure rates over time. 

UPS Failure Modes over time

Some interesting companies we have supplied recently

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Atomki Nuclear Research institute Hungary
Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems
Sidlocks Guernsey
Neocom Bangalore India
Downing College Cambridge
Tech Dynamic Singapore
Hamworthy Barracks (SBS)
Bank of Taiwan
Ralph Lauren
Gordon Ramsey 1890