About us

We have been retailing UPS and associated hardware since Aug 2001. We stock many types of UPS and have great experience of working with UPS and providing people with the best option for their specific use at great prices. Almost all of our UPS are used and refurbished, refitted with new cells, and come with warranty with ourselves for complete peace of mind.

We also offer the battery packs that UPS are dependent upon.

We operate from a 500 square meter warehouse and light engineering facility in Warrington. 

We are an ethical and moral company and we operate on a reflective morality basis. For every transaction, and every customer interaction we aim to meet the level and standard that we ourselves would like to receive. We make extra efforts to achieve this under strenuous and frustrating circumstances. We believe that every hour there are small things that can be done to make the world a better place for everyone. We also try to provide opportunity internally with our workforce. The warehouse is run as a meritocracy, and hard work and proficiency is rewarded.

Waste not want not. We like to think that we are a company that enables people to recycle rather than destroy, and give customers access to higher quality goods for a given price point, while minimising the depleting effect of manufacturing new on the environment.