RBC7 - Kit


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RBC7 Battery pack - kit form.

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RBC7 cell kit. Use this kit along with your original fuse, wire and insulation caps to rebuild your RBC7 packs.

2x 18AH cells, stuck together with specialist foam adhesive tape and then banded ready for further assembly. Most people just supply the loose cells, leaving you with the problem of finding how to stickt them together without the right materials. In this pre banded format it is ready to accept the fuse and harness. Take these from your old cellpack and transfer over to this.

Important: Wire the harness to the cells first, and the fuse last. This ensures you cannot accidentally short the cells and blow the fuse.

These batteries are common and used in the below APC UPS




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RBC7 - Kit

RBC7 - Kit

RBC7 Battery pack - kit form.

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