Liebert GXT3 6000



Liebert 6000VA On-Line (double conversion + pure sine wave) UPS - refurbished unit with new cells

12m RTB warranty

Includes front plastics

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6000VA / 4800W Max power

Input 220/230/240VAC (UK + EU)
Single Phase input
Max current - 30A
Input voltage window 176-280VAC
50/60HZ auto matching input frequency

DC String voltage 240V

Overload tolerance
30% 1 Minute
50% 10 seconds

Frequency stability 0.1Hz
Voltage regulation within 2%

Height 217mm
Width 430mm
Depth 574mm
Weight ~50KG

The GXT range is now a long line of UPS, starting with the original PSI/GXT units, then second, third generations and now proceeding to the latest 5th generation. They have always been reliable with large internal battery capacity. With later models you get LCD interfaces but function has not changed much over the years.

Interesting to note that this UPS was designed with momentary overloads in mind - the spec sheet gives a rating of 130% for 10 seconds. We'd still recommend never overloading, but its a sign of robustness built into the design. It also has an internal bypass.

We have the User guide PDF, config tool and its guide as a PDF - see the downloads tab.

The UPS is over 3KVA this means they ship from the manufacturer without an input cable wired on. The cable is normally wired on at the installation site and there are various plug/cable types, or the unit might be direct wired to a distribution panel. There is a photo of the wiring panel so you can see what it looks like.

We normally have off cut cables that we've stored and a common type would be an IEC309-32A (round, blue 3 pin plug) with cable - we can include this free of charge just request when ordering.

The UPS can be used in a rack or as a tower. Let us know which you intend when ordering and we'll configure that way. When we dont have the original rackmount ears we make those from Aluminium. If you need rails, email and we'll check stock and quote.

MFRS opening paragraph:

Congratulations on your choice of the Liebert GXT3 uninterruptible power system (UPS). The Liebert
GXT3 comes in nominal power ratings of 5000VA, 6000VA, 8000VA and 10,000VA. It is designed to
provide conditioned power to microcomputers and other sensitive electronic equipment.
When it is generated, alternating current is clean and stable. However, during transmission and distribution
it is subject to voltage sags, spikes and complete power failure that may interrupt computer
operations, cause data loss and even damage equipment. The Liebert GXT3 protects equipment from
these disturbances.
The Liebert GXT3 is a compact, on-line UPS. An on-line UPS continuously conditions and regulates
its output voltage, whether utility power is present or not. It supplies connected equipment with
clean, sinewave power. Sensitive electronic equipment operates best from sinewave power.
For ease of use, the Liebert GXT3 features a light-emitting diode (LED) display to indicate both load
percentage and battery capacity. It also provides self-diagnostic tests, a combination ON/Alarm
Silence/Manual Battery Test button, a Standby/Manual Bypass button and a configuration program.
The Liebert GXT3 has a Liebert IntelliSlot® port for communication between the UPS and a network
server or other computer systems.

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Liebert GXT3 6000

Liebert GXT3 6000

Liebert 6000VA On-Line (double conversion + pure sine wave) UPS - refurbished unit with new cells

12m RTB warranty

Includes front plastics

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