Dell H914 1000W UPS

Dell H914


Dell H914N 1000w UPS
Includes new cells installed by us
12 month RTB warranty
1x input cable
2x output cables

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Fully tested and refurbished as necessary before dispatch. This is an A-Grade used product. This means it is fully working but that cosmetically signs of previous use will be visible. We deliver the product fully working and ready for use. You should expect between 3 and 6 years lifespan from the new cells. We can supply replacement cells when the time comes.

Front mounted LCD screen for status and diagnostics.
Dual fan design gives some redundancy.
Rear mounted, illuminated on/off button.
Modern, high efficiency design.
We have the PDF user manual and can email this to you on request

1000W Tower
UK/EU voltage 220-230-240VAC in and out
single phase
Width 170.0 mm
Height 250.0 mm
Depth 450.0 mm
Weight 18.3 KG

2x load segments
LS1 - 6x C13 sockets
LS2 - 2x C13 sockets

USB / Serial and port for optional add on SNMP cards (Network-MS for example)

Legend of the dell fan. The dell tower range all have fans. They are normal enough in our warehouse, but once you get it into an office it is noticeable, and too noisy if you have a quiet space. We had a customer who was replacing the same unit, and thought there was a difference because of the new unit fan being noisy. I checked the manual (you can get it from the downloads section) and on page it gives info that the fan can be off/low/high depending on load. Now we had never seen this and always thought the fan just runs at a single speed. The customer and I had just about given up when, after almost a week, the UPS fan stopped. Subsequently customers have confirmed this behaviour, which I can sum up as, if you have a low load, in a normal temperature room, and the cells are fully charged, after 5 days or more the UPS turns its fans off.

Report from our customer:

You’re right, I hadn’t even realised but the fans aren’t actually spinning at all. Just took off the front panel to check and both the front and back fans aren’t spinning. Its currently 22c in my office and the corner the UPS is in is probably even slightly hotter as its tucked in a cubby with a small server and switch. 

Reported an 8-9% load consistently since 6am this morning (says 130w on screen right now). 

I’ve not heard the fan at all but I’ve only been at my desk for 1.5hrs. If it comes on today I’ll let you know but this time of year my office only gets colder throughout the day as I heat it first thing with the house radiators."

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Dell H914 1000W UPS

Dell H914 1000W UPS

Dell H914N 1000w UPS
Includes new cells installed by us
12 month RTB warranty
1x input cable
2x output cables

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