RBC55 - Fully Assembled


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RBC55 Battery pack - fully built and ready for installation.

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Built with Brand new 18AH batteries. We assemble into the pack as seen in the photographs and then test. There is a fuse in the end links and the terminals are protected using Scotch Type 77 Arc Proofing insulation sheeting. The grey mating connector is a genuine Anderson made plug. We assemble using a particular 3M made adhesive gel tape.

The battery is ready to be installed on site immediately on delivery.

The photos show both with and without white banding. We use this banding when shipping to securely bind the cells together. It can be removed on delivery, or kept on the cell as you wish. The batteries are securely stuck with 3M double sided foam tapes - these bands are just for extra strength while shipping.

The RBC55 is a PAIR of cells, as seen in the photos. Some UPS use 2x RBC55 (total of 4x cells).

These batteries are common and used in the below APC UPS






SUA5000xli5u (2x needed)





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RBC55 - Fully Assembled

RBC55 - Fully Assembled

RBC55 Battery pack - fully built and ready for installation.

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