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HP R5500XR Rack 3u UPS

fully working

New cells installed in the ERM

No cell trays in the UPS

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£ 520.00 tax incl.


This is an R55500XR UPS with brand new batteries in its Extended Run time Module.
12 Month RTB warranty.
5KW Pure sine wave UPS.

Ready to use on delivery.

It comprises
1x R5500XR UPS (3u rackmount dims)
1x ERM for the above. (3u rackmount dims)
The Front plastics ARE included.

There are no batteries in the UPS itself, but we rebuild the External battery module with new cells. The UPS normally has two cell trays inside it, but these trays are now hard to find. Its a shame to waste the UPS and we have a few in stock now so we're selling with no cells in the UPS itself. It works perfectly well with cells in the ERM only, and the ERM battery capacity is 20x 12V 7.2AH, vs the standard UPS compliment of 20x 12V5AH - so the cell capacity is higher.

At the time of writing we have sold 29x R5500xr on eBay, but that has slowed as we had to increase the price up as the internal cell trays become rare. That is why we came up with this idea.

The UPS price is normally ~£500, and the ERM modules around £450 in the second hand market. New the UPS was £2K, EBM £700. I am noting this to outline the value. If you look even for the loose battery kits this deal compares very well to that.

We have performed a heavy load tests with 3.8KW and it sustained the load for 8 minutes on battery power.

The UPS has an IEC309-32A male input cable with approx 2M length in the cord.
The output recepticles are
4X C13/14
4x C19/20
1x IEC 309-32A Female on a cable circa 40cm long.

I've made a few videos to show the UPS in use as seeing is better than reading. Paste the youtube links into your browser to view.
First, I have one starting from the batteries with no mains present (cold starting).

And one with a more normal start up.

The units are fully tested by UPS experts, and are fully working. They are second user and will have cosmetic signs of previous use. We professionally refurbish including paint touch up or case re-spray as needed. The grading is A-Grade which we class as as good as you can get without having new. We have been supplying UPS since 2002 and are the respected leader in the field, with the most used stock in Europe. What sets us apart is that our experience reduces the occurrence of problems, and our professionalism and the availability of resources means we have the power to quickly resolve issues when they do arise.

Under normal circumstances most orders before 3PM are dispatched on the day of order. Large units / quantities may roll over to being dispatched the next day. Email if you need to be sure of when we can send an order. We try to meet all customer deadlines.

All of our consignments are sent fully insured on a 24 hour service with our carriers. We cover all problems that occur in transit. We can ship to the EU (transit time varies) and have experience packing and shipping to overseas destinations. The EU shipping costs are estimated only, please contact us for confirmation before ordering. Large UPS may be palletised or shipped with the UPS in one box, and the cells in another. We have the packing materials to make sure that there are few problems in transit. Our warehouse is based in the UK. VAT is included in the buy it now price, and if you are VAT registered you will be able to reclaim this. VAT Invoices are sent automatically as a PDF file, via email, as part of our automated dispatch process.


Operating Voltage Settings: 220, 230, 240
5400 Watt max power

Input IEC309-32A

Output (all of the below)
1x IEC309032A female
4x C20
4x C14
There are two load segments, so catastrophic failure of one of your attached devices on one segment does not cause the other segment to fuse out.

Battery master breaker switch.
EPO (emergency power off) contactors.
Cold start capable.
User replaceable cells.

Battery extendable via rear mounted connection (bottom right) 240vDC battery system

Weight 75KGS
Dimensions 13x 44 x66 cms (h x w x d)

Backup time of 5 minutes at 100% load
50 minutes with 20% load.

94% efficiency
Pure sine wave ouptut (5% THD under load)
MOV and Line noise filters.

The UPS fan is always on and has two speed settings.
It is an enterprise oriented UPS and is not suitable for quiet environments.

HP spec page here

Guide to image depicting LED pannel operation.

1. LED indicating Overload capacity 9. STANDBY Button
2. LED indicating 76% to 100% load capacity 10. ON Button
3. LED indicating 51% to 75% load capacity 11. General Alarm
4. LED indicating 26% to 50% load capacity 12. On Battery
5. LED indicating 0% to 25% load capacity 13. Bad Battery/Low Battery
6.Configure mode on LED* 14. Site Wiring Fault Indicator
7. Configure Button* 15. Utility LED

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HP R5500XR Rack 3u UPS

fully working

New cells installed in the ERM

No cell trays in the UPS

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