HP R6000h 347209-002 EO3001



HP R6000 Rack 6u UPS

fully working + including front plastics

New cells installed

Heavy duty 6000W UPS

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Fully working, includes new cells and 12 month RTB warranty.

Large, heavy duty 6000VA UPS made by HP + Compaq. Capable of long runtimes due to its large cell bank. The cells can be removed to make carrying the UPS easier, and are a standard type so when the time comes you will be able to buy cells from us, or elsewhere to rebuild the cell trays.

Ready for use on delivery.

We like these UPS because of their reliability. They are from a time when planned obsolescence was not conceived yet. They are a heavy duty design and are modular, with the cells and power module being removable for replacement. The UPS has a manual bypass switch on the rear so you do not need to turn off the attached devices when removing modules.

They are one of the first UPS designs that had segregated and cycleable power segments - it has 5 output segments, each one which can be turned on or off from the front panel. Probably also via serial/network, but I've not had a card to test this with. I believe the connect-X card is the one that would pair this UPS but have not confirmed that yet as we dont have one in stock. The 5 segments are routed through 3 overload trip switches, which is super handy as if one PSU in a multi PSU server shorts out and trips one breaker, the other source will remain active.

They come with light and dark cream front fascia. Let us know if you have a preference and provided we have that colour we'll send that type.

Normally ships with 2x output cables and no input cable. These are designed to have a cable wired on suitable for the site - if you let us know what you plan to plug it into we can see if we have a spare cable to supply with the UPS. Sometimes there is a cable already wired onto the UPS in which case we leave it on.


We have the manual for the UPS:


Max Power 6000VA/ 6000W
Input - single phase 50/60Hz

Battery system nominal voltage 336VDC

Output matches input voltage and nominal frequency.

1x input hard wire terminal block

3x C19/20 output

12x C13/20 output

Width 439mm
Height 267mm
Depth 617mm
weight ~130KG with cells installed, less by circa 60KG with the cell trays out.

Front panel controls and LCD display for easy configuration, monitoring, and operation

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HP R6000h 347209-002 EO3001

HP R6000h 347209-002 EO3001

HP R6000 Rack 6u UPS

fully working + including front plastics

New cells installed

Heavy duty 6000W UPS

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